AMA Atlanta Chapter Excellence Award Entry 2013–2014

After designing AMA Atlanta's Chapter Excellence Award entry the previous year (earning them second place in the competition) in 2013, I was asked to return to design the entry for 2014.

We brainstormed in meetings and decided this year we wanted to tell a story, following a character and his years with AMA Atlanta. We named the character Bob—a fictional amalgamation of real people and their experiences from the chapter—and I convinced the team that watercolor illustrations would be a great medium to show a lighthearted, fun, and hopeful narrative. The handprinted quality and imperfection would pair perfectly with this story of Bob throughout the years. 

Employing the watercolor technique on illustrations of Bob,  key data highlighted as infographics, framing devices such as phones, computers, and inset photos, allowed this entry (which was a digital file instead of a printed book) to become holistically designed in all aspects, even for headlines.

Because AMA Atlanta refreshed their brand with a new logo and typefaces, the color of the illustrations and the typography were pulled from the style guide and implemented to maintain the identity.