Color the World Bright

Color the World Bright™ is a division of J.E.N. Print Studio, with a mission to brighten the world of children all over the globe whose every day lives are dreary and glum. The Color the World Bright™ identity—expanding into collateral including an informational pamphlet, business cards, and stationery—was created to add credibility and clarity to this initiative founded by the artist and professor Joseph E. Norman to seek funding and partnerships. With university students, Norman travels to regions of the world and creates inspiring murals to brighten the worlds of these children.




Trifold Cover


Trifold Interior


Printed Collateral

Business Cards




The initial sketches started digitally for this project with me sketching on my iPad. This idea was about filling in the counter forms of geometric, Bauhaus-inspired letters to communicate the idea of filling in the children's empty spaces with bright colorful murals, with a  diverse and universal look.


Another concept looked at making friendly and approachable type using flowing letters all set in lowercase, to evoke the idea of connection and paint strokes. This idea allowed for the use of the logo to be executed in one color should that need arise.


Some other sketches pursued the ideas of lettering in a circle to communicate a global unity, and transforming the word "bright" into a smiling face to appeal to the goal of making children happier. 


One of the concepts moved forward to be refined through pencil sketching and photoshop adjustments.


The final concept went through digitizing to finalize the lettering into shapes that could hold up at large and small sizes along with the tagline. After evaluation, it was determined that the logo would never be contained within a circle or never in one line.


However, placing the logo in a container yielded another clever nod to mural painting. Manipulating the container shape into a silhouette abstraction of a building's wall along with a 3-color system allowed for flexibility, joyfulness, and a unique identifying approach to this brand.